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Keep Your Miami Warehouse From Becoming A Sauna: 4 Tips For Maintaining The Temperature Balance

Temperatures inside a warehouse can vary a great deal. One area may feel like the North Pole, and another may even feel like a sauna. It's important to maintain consistent comfort levels for those who work in the facility. Here are a few ways to do just that.
1. Pay Attention to Your Mini-climate Zones
A good place to start with temperature balance is to take note of where temperature fluctuations occur. Even if you have a heating or cooling system which maintains the indoor climate, you'll likely find areas that don't quite fit the reading on the thermostat. Employees who work in the warehouse can give you helpful insight into which areas you should observe.
Many variables can cause the temperatures to fluctuate from area to area in a warehouse or other facility. Consider, for example:
  • The types of materials you're handling
  • The amount of lighting in particular areas
  • Areas where drafts can come in
  • Areas where the insulation ends or thins out
  • The machinery running in the facility
Each of these can cause the indoor temperature to fluctuate, either subtly or drastically. If the work climate is uncomfortable for anyone, you will see less productivity and efficiency, and more disgruntled personnel. It's a good idea to do something about the situation sooner than later.
2. Make Use of Your Dock Doors and Windows
The doors of your facility, especially larger dock doors, can do a lot for your indoor environment.
Bring Air In
The more doors you have at your facility, the more opportunities you have to circulate air to even out the indoor conditions. If you want cooler air from outside, then open some doors at either end of the facility. This allows air to move through the entirety of the building. This can work with smaller doors as well as larger dock doors.
Keep Air Out
Conversely, doors can also present opportunities to keep out unwanted air. For example, if it's hot out, then properly sealing the dock doors can help keep unwanted air from coming in. Things like truck shelters can help keep a proper seal when a truck is docking.
Windows can also work to keep air in or out. Windows located higher up can help hot air escape so that cooler air can come in. However, both windows and doors can only help so much. Smaller facilities can leverage these methods for all their worth, but larger facilities may only see marginal benefits to these methods.
3. Make Sure Your Warehouse Has Adequate Insulation
Insulation plays an important role in maintaining the indoor environment of a warehouse. The most common type of insulation for warehouses is fiberglass, but it's not all about the type of insulation.
You need to make sure you have complete insulation coverage, which helps maintain temperatures in all areas of the facility. This includes enclosed areas and spaces further away from routine operations.
4. Make Use of Fans Wherever You Can
One of the most cost-effective ways to maintain warehouse temperatures is with some well-placed fans. Fans can:
  • Build a temperature barrier between areas with different temperature fluctuations
  • Move treated air around to increase coverage
  • Mitigate the heat given off by machinery and equipment
Different types of fans can serve different purposes. An oscillating fan can help move warm air out of a specific area, while an exhaust fan can help move hot air outside of the facility altogether. The types of fans you use, and where you place them, will depend entirely on the specific needs of your facility.
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