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Improving Warehouse Employee Morale

Group portrait of staff at distribution warehouse
A warehouse environment is where you expect to see product inventory processed quickly. However, the same cannot be said of your employees who deserve your time and attention as you show concern for their wellbeing.
With recent employee engagement levels dropping, employee morale has become the focus for many businesses. Despite the introduction of smart warehouse technology like automation and robotics, people are still an important factor in how a business succeeds - or doesn't succeed. 
If your warehouse is dealing with absenteeism, rehiring, training, product sabotage, and high turnover, take a look at these ways you can increase employee morale in your warehouse.
Create an Environment of Fairness
Issues of fairness exist in nearly every work environment and are capable of causing low morale. Fortunately, you can do several things to create an environment that feels fairer among employees.
An employee may feel a co-worker's promotion is unfair simply because they wonder why they were not promoted as well. To avoid low morale when promotion time rolls around, consider making sure each employee experiences regular, constructive feedback. 
This feedback provides individual workers the opportunity to understand how management feels about their progress. It also gives them the chance to make employment goals and work toward a possible promotion.
Differing pay levels can seem hugely unfair from an employee's point of view, especially when everyone is laboring under the same warehouse roof. Your employees can feel more fairly paid when you are more open about your compensation system.
Do this by conducting the right research to make sure you pay your workers an amount comparable to that of similar warehouses. Make sure this amount include not just base pay. Bonuses, vacation pay, and other compensations need to be comparable as well.
Helping employees feel a sense of fairness in promotion and pay can help raise morale.
Give Everyone a Voice
When it comes to asking for better ideas regarding the work place, why not ask the experts? Your employees are considered experts because they are the ones involved in working the warehouse. Not only will you receive suggestions for work improvement, but employees will gain a sense of ownership when they are involved in making changes.
Looking for real input from your workers helps create a more positive morale in the work environment. Doing so energizes employees and their dedication to work by 21%, so go ahead and ask your crew what they think.
Make Your Warehouse Fun
A simple Google search can turn up a myriad of ways to make your workplace more fun. However, the dynamics of a warehouse can be challenging to liven up because of safety concerns. Instead, try focusing on ways your team can have fun after hours or during breaks. You'll find that employees who are able to bond off the clock are able to mesh together better when they are back at work.
Provide Warehouse Perks
Sometimes boosting morale means introducing warehouse perks for your employees. This can be in the form of installing new vending machines, allowing employees to play music, or upgrading the break room.
Another way to improve workplace morale is by providing employee lockers. Doing so allows your employees to store their personal belongs and keep them safe while they are on the clock.
Your warehouse can become a place where employee morale rises higher than it has ever been. You'll find that happier employees are more productive and invested in their job. That's a success you'll be able to store away for future use.
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