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Five Reasons to Have a Hand Truck for Your Business

Whether you conduct business primarily in an office or a warehouse, a hand truck (or dolly) can be a valuable tool that gets used every day. Maybe you’re moving boxes of paper, stacks of product or even machinery.  

The Hand Truck Does the Heavy Lifting

Protect your back and knees by using one of these tools. It will carry the weight of whatever you are moving and will save you from unnecessary strain on your body.

The Tool Provides More Force

When the time comes to move heavy equipment or large loads of products, the hand truck provides additional force. You could transport crates or machines that you wouldn’t have been able to handle on your own.

This Tool Saves Times

Can you imagine trying to shift large pallets of goods without the use of a dolly? It might take all day to move them just a little bit. These tools save time by letting your move loads quickly from one place to another.

Dollies Reduce Workplace Injuries

These tools can be used in accordance with other safety guidelines to reduce the possibility of injuries at your business.

Hand Trucks Are Convenient to Store

These tools are portable and can be easily stored in closets or out of the way spaces.
Any of these advantages could make dollies a valuable addition to your office. Call Naveles Industrial Sales at 305-635-6044 to learn more about hand trucks in the workplace.