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Considerations for Choosing a Door for Your Loading Dock

Loading Dock Doors
When you need to place a door on your loading dock, you need to know what to look for before you make your purchase. You need to consider some important components some loading dock doors have that others do not. These components have a major impact on your operation. Here are some of the factors you need to consider when you choose a door for your loading dock.
Good Insulation
If you have a cold or frozen storage room in which you are passing products from your facility to the transport truck, you need a door with good insulation. If your door is not well-insulated, the temperature of the product can sharply decline in just the time it takes to transport. Lack of insulation will ultimately decrease the quality of the product.
Smart Technology Integration
You should invest in a loading dock door with smart technology. This includes smart integration for dock levelers and dock seals. If you invest in a door that can be controlled with one control panel, you can significantly reduce the time it takes to load and unload.
Good Seal
A good loading dock door also has a good seal. A solid seal is important for the integrity of the products as it keeps the door tightly closed and does not allow a draft inside. A sealed door prevents dampness, moisture, insects, and anything else from getting in your building. A good seal is crucial for any product, but particularly for fragile items like frozen or perishable foods.
Easy Maintenance
You also should invest in a loading dock door that is easy to maintain. The expense to repair these doors can be astronomical, so easy maintenance is best to help prevent expensive damages.
Not only should you choose a door that is easy to maintain, but you should also look for a door that has available maintenance service build in with the manufacturer. When you do not choose a door with easy maintenance built in, you may have to potentially wait for parts to come in from another country, which could impede the flow of your organization. You could also need to deal with aftermarket services and subpar parts.
Instead, research the quality of the different doors available and choose one with built-in maintenance service that you can easily utilize when needed.
Fall Safety
You also want to choose a door that does not pose a risk to anyone working near them. The doors operate by raising and lowering cables. If one of the cables breaks, the door will quickly come down and cause certain injury to people and damage to inventory.
You should choose a loading dock door which has a cable brake system. This will prevent the door from falling should the cables break at any time.
Little Impact on Other Equipment
You should choose a loading dock door with minimal overhead clearance. The doors can be somewhat bulky at the top because of the necessary mechanism required to function the door. This bulky mechanism can have an impact on anything that needs to be near the door for a period of time, such as the transportation trucks.
You should choose a door with smaller overhead clearance so the clearance does not take away from the function of the door, but makes the door easier to work around without impeding progress.
If you have any warehouse or industrial needs, please contact us today at Naveles Industrial Sales. We can inspect your loading dock and find a loading dock door that will work well for your particular needs. We look forward to hearing from you.