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4 FAQs About Pallet Jacks

Do you own a warehouse, or are you an entrepreneur that keeps inventory in one? If you have answered yes to either of these questions, then you probably realize the importance of moving all of your inventory and merchandise as easily and as safely as possible. Whether you are loading, unloading or reorganizing, a pallet jack can help you in your endeavors.
A pallet jack will not only help warehouse workers maneuver loads more easily but also decrease the risk of injury. If you are considering getting a pallet jack to use in your warehouse, it's understandable that you might need some more information before making the purchase. Here are the answers to four frequently asked questions about pallet jacks.
1. Why Can't I Just Use a Forklift?
You may be wondering why you would need a pallet jack if you already have a forklift. While it's true that a forklift has many benefits, including the ability to lift very heavy loads and put things up on high shelves, a pallet jack has many benefits as well. For instance, pallet jacks that get used in the warehouse do not require fuel, which is one less expense you would have to worry about.
Here are some other benefits that a pallet jack has over a forklift:
  • They are very affordable
  • They don't require a lot of maintenance
  • They are small and compact making them easy to store
When it comes to superior maneuverability, especially for lighter loads, a pallet jack is the way to go.
2. What Are the Power Supply Options for a Pallet Jack?
While there are pallet jacks that get powered by fuel, they are mainly used outdoors. The two kinds of pallet jacks that often get used in the warehouse include:
  • Hand pumped manual pallet jack (manual). Made with a hydraulic pump design, this type of pallet jack works just like it sounds. In order to lift the forks underneath the pallet, the user raises it by pumping the handle.
  • Electric pallet jack (motorized). This type of pallet jack contains an electric motor and comes with a rechargeable battery. For those who need to get several pallets of inventory moved in a short amount of time, an electric pallet jack can move stuff quickly and easily.
Whether you choose a hand pumped pallet jack or an electric one, they will both make the job of moving inventory around the warehouse much easier.
3. What Are Some Common Features of a Pallet Jack?
One of the great things about pallet jacks is that they come with a variety of features so that you can find one that suits the needs of your warehouse. Some of the most common features for pallet jacks include:
  • Single forks and angled forks that allow the user to move loads of all different shapes and sizes
  • Pallet jacks made out of galvanized or stainless steel are resistant to corrosion
  • Tilting forks that allow the pallet jack user to rotate the load when necessary
  • Scales that can calculate the weight of the load on the pallet jack
No matter what you need a pallet jack for, there are many features from which to choose.
4. How Much Weight Can a Pallet Jack Safely Carry?
When it comes to pallet jacks, typically the weight of the load ranges from 1,500 to 2,500 pounds. Most standard pallet jacks, however, can safely lift and move a load that weighs up to 5,500 pounds.
If you are in the market for a pallet jack, don't hesitate to contact Naveles Industrial Sales. We will help you find the perfect pallet jack that suits all of your warehouse needs.